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A good workplace is the basis

An essential part of the modern workplace is good hardware; a device that you work with daily must suit your needs.

We provide the hardware you need to work properly

An essential part of the modern workplace is also the choice of your hardware. You have to be able to build on a device that you work with every day. An application is worth nothing without hardware and vice versa. Be more productive and creative with Herke ICT Group business hardware.

Microsoft Surface

The Surface is Microsoft’s product line and offers a versatile range of laptops, tablets and digital whiteboards. Are you looking for an ultra-light and versatile tablet or a thin and stylish laptop? Or go for both and choose the ultimate laptop that you can also use as a tablet.

Microsoft Surface
HP EliteBook 1040 vooraanzicht

HP zakelijke devices

HP offers a very extensive line of business devices, ranging from tablets, laptops, desktop PCs. In our pursuit of innovation and quality, we only supply models from the HP Premium range. Choose the thinnest and lightest notebook ever from the Elite line or a powerful laptop from the Pro line.