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Productivity at your fingertips

Get more work done in less time with a modern workplace, automated and digitized processes, and real-time dashboards.

Turn ideas into solutions

Get more work done in less time by automating processes and optimizing workflows. Digitize with custom apps, translate data into interactive reports and work from anywhere and on any device through a modern workplace.

Digitize and automate

We digitize processes that do not fit within your primary systems with Apps and Automate. Low-code applications with which we quickly realize a custom solution that fits seamlessly with your way of working.

Apps voor ieder device
Apps voor ieder device, ook op tablet en mobiel kun je Power Apps gebruiken dus.
Power BI Interactieve Dashboards
Power BI Interactieve Dashboards onderdeel van de Productivity Apps van Herke ICT Group

Data-driven working and thinking

Combine data from different systems and translate them into valuable information in Power BI. Visualize and analyze the information through interactive reports. This allows you to make informed decisions, increase your productivity and save time.

Unparalleled digital collaboration

Increase engagement by giving your colleagues access to a shared document environment, intranet or Project site in SharePoint. Share files, data and news with colleagues or external users.

Ongeëvenaarde samenwerking in SharePoint
Ongeëvenaarde samenwerking in SharePoint onderdeel van Microsoft 365 een van de Workspace Services van Herke ICT Group
Rapport in Jet Reports
Rapport in Jet Reports onderdeel van de Productivity Apps uit de Digital Cloud Suite van Herke ICT Group

Translate data from ERP into reports

From Excel, this reporting tool provides trusted reports that you can easily edit without any programming experience.