Digital Cloud Suite

The Digital Cloud Suite is a collection of solutions with which we guide our customers in their digital transformation.

We are a full-service IT partner. This means that we want to help our customers with all their IT challenges; from user support and workplace automation to intelligence applications and data analysis.

Productivity Apps


Automate, digitalise and analyse processes with the Microsoft Power Platform and start innovating. With Productivity Apps, we turn ideas into solutions and realize innovation.

Get more work done in less time by automating processes and optimizing workflows. Digitize with custom apps, translate data into interactive reports and work from anywhere and on any device through a modern workplace.



With a modern workplace in Office 365, you can work smoothly from any device and location-independently. This leads to unparalleled digital collaboration with colleagues and externals.

Increase engagement by allowing colleagues to take part in a shared file collaboration environment build for your organization. SharePoint can also be used as a project environment as well as an intranet. SharePoint allows you to share files, data as well as news with colleagues or external users.

Jet Reports


From Excel, this reporting tool provides trusted reports that you can easily customize without any programming experience. With simple formulas you can retrieve data directly from your ERP system. You can also combine multiple tables within a report.

Power BI


With Power BI you transform data into insights. Combine, visualize and analyze data through interactive dashboards and make informed decisions based on insights.

Say goodbye to static reports and replace them with interactive reports for substantiated insights.

Power Automate/Apps


We take care of digitizing your processes that do not fit within your primary systems. We deliver this with Apps and Automate. Low-code applications that we use to realize a custom solution that fits seamlessly with your way of working.

Save more time for your core tasks by automating your business processes. Replace paperwork, work orders, and forms with an app that matches your needs.

Business Apps


With Business Apps we offer a complete solution from funnel to cash. Our modern applications are based on the fast-growing Microsoft Dynamics platform, work seamlessly together and can also be used as separate applications.

Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, realize more complete customer information, and accelerate the growth of your company.



ERP is one complete solution for business management. Uniformly record all financial transactions with the ERP solution of our Digital Cloud Suite, based on Business Central. Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate the growth of your business.



xRM is CRM with even more added value. We have expanded Microsoft Dynamics CRM with extra benefits and functionalities. In xRM you can easily request and share information with colleagues or external parties and partners in the chain. This results in more control over your sales process. More complete customer information ensures that you can provide the right service, resulting in loyal customers.



With the Apps in the Digital Cloud Suite you always and everywhere have insight into current projects, customers, jobs, or sales opportunities. Paperless working is now possible because you can edit data on the go in the App and even enter it directly in our Business Apps ERP or xRM solution.

Keep your data at hand and have insight anytime, anywhere.



Collaborate with customers and partners. The portal functionalities in our Digital Cloud Suite make it childishly easy to collaborate and communicate digitally with all your contacts. This means that everyone involved always has insight into the most current project information and documentation.

Workspace Services


Growth is only possible if your IT environment and your employees perform optimally. For this, your employees must have the right collaboration tools, a nice workplace, and receive support if they need it.

Guarantee the continuity of your IT by completely unburdening management and user support by our Service Desk and keep the focus on what you are good at.

Support Plan


Proactive unburdening through support and management
Managing your IT is becoming more complex by the day and requires up-to-date knowledge. A big responsibility that you do not want and cannot lay with your own or IT manager. Proactive IT management by a knowledgeable IT partner contributes to the success of your company.



Protect your organization, secure workplaces. Entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with cybercrime. Phishing emails and ghost invoices are common ways to access your company data. Secure the front door and take effective measures to prevent threats such as malware and viruses.

Microsoft 365


Familiar Microsoft technology. The Office suite we all know, plus additional services such as OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business and Teams. This gives you access to important data for you at any time of the day, anywhere and from any device.

Business hardware


An essential part of the modern workplace is also the choice of your hardware. You have to be able to build on a device that you work with every day. An application is worth nothing without hardware and vice versa. Be more productive and creative with Herke ICT Group business hardware.

Network Services


Take advantage of powerful network devices, in our data center, in Azure or even on-premise. Fully managed by Herke ICT Group.

With Network Services we realize powerful, future-oriented networks. Both on-premise and in Microsoft Azure or our own data center. We take care of the management of the network from you, so that you are assured of continuous business operations.

On-premise and hybrid


Operate from a local or hybrid server, so you can be sure that your processes are running and that you can access your important data always and independently of other processes.

Server Hosting


Use a secure network environment that is managed, controlled and maintained by Herke ICT Group.

Managing servers is our responsibility and meets the most strict requirements in the field of safety and security. Thanks to the latest technology, we guarantee reliable business operations and the availability of your data, regardless of location.

Microsoft Azure


With Microsoft Azure, we realize flexible and scalable cloud networks, so that no investment in hardware is required and costs are transparent.

Azure is a cloud platform that provides support to make your business processes accessible, always and everywhere, and also helps to continuously improve. This can also be perfectly combined with other cloud services such as Microsoft 365 so that your employees can collaborate easily, safely, and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Disaster Recovery


Guarantee uptime, minimize data loss and maximize productivity during an attack or other unwanted situation.

Prevent the loss of data with Backup and disaster recovery from our Digital Cloud Suite. Guarantee uptime, minimize data loss, and maximize productivity during an attack or other unwanted situations. We happily help you identify the risks and vulnerabilities.

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