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A local or hybrid network

Leverage a powerful custom local or hybrid network environment for complete independence and control over your environment.

On-premise and hybrid networks

Operate from a local or hybrid server, so you can be sure that your processes are running and that you can access your important data always and independently of other processes.

Ensure the continuity of running processes

Trusted processes will run from your local server so that you have more control and it remains in-house. An ideal solution for software that does not yet run in the cloud.

on premise en hybride
on premise en hybride

Independent of possible slow connections

With Network Services from our Digital Cloud Suite, you are less dependent on internet connections. Open and save your files quickly, regardless of your internet speed.

Our experts will help you get started

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can set up a network in any unique organization. We contribute ideas as to what best suits your organization. We also proactively and preemptively manage and monitor your servers, so potential threats are addressed before damage occurs.