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Powerful networks and proactive management

Take advantage of powerful network devices, in our data center, in Azure or even on-premise. Fully managed by Herke ICT Group

Network setup and management

With Network Services we realize powerful, future-oriented networks. Both on-premise and in Microsoft Azure or our own data center. We take care of the management of the network from you, so that you are assured of continuous business operations.

On-premise and hybrid networks

Operate from a local or hybrid environment, so you can be sure that your processes are running and that you can access important data always and independently of other processes.

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Azure is the cloud platform that provides support to make your business processes accessible, always and everywhere, but also continuously improving. This can also be perfectly combined with other cloud services such as Microsoft 365, so that your employees can collaborate easily, safely, and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Server Hosting by Herke ICT Group

Managing servers is our responsibility and meets the most stringent safety and security requirements. Thanks to the latest technology, we guarantee reliable business operations and your data is always available, regardless of location.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and security

Don’t lose anything anymore with Backup and disaster recovery from our Digital Cloud Suite. Guarantee uptime, minimize data loss, and maximize productivity during an attack or other unwanted situation. We are happy to help you identify the risks and vulnerabilities.