“About 8 years ago we chose Herke ICT Group because the knowledge and skills of our former IT partner no longer matched the size of our company.” With 16 branches spread across the Netherlands, Ruiter Dakkapellen was looking for a partner who better suited the needs and the corporate culture. 

Rick Coreelmont, director of Ruiter Dakkapellen: “It is handy that Herke ICT Group is located near our head office in Ursem. It is even more convenient that they operate nationally and can serve all branches if necessary. ”

Private Cloud for calculation software 

“We recently started running all branches in the Cloud. About 70 users work with Office365. Using our custom calculation software, we can quickly configure a dormer window and print a customized quotation for the customer during the intake interview. We run this software in a so-called “private” Cloud on a secure server at Herke ICT Group. This way we keep control over the software that is essential for our business operations. “

Save on hardware 

“We mainly work with PCs and so-called thin clients. Because the speed of the internet connection at our head office is not optimal, we use a file replication server for the backup. Furthermore, there are hardly any servers left. This way we save a lot on hardware. The internet speed has increased since we started working in the Cloud. Users at the locations no longer have to log in to our network, they work in the Cloud.

Enthusiastic users of Cloud 

“Although IT is indispensable in our customer contact, we do not want to be responsible for the automation of our workplaces and infrastructure. IT is a special profession and certainly not our core activity; we are the market leader in dormer windows! That is why we had already outsourced our network management to Herke ICT Group. The contact is pleasant, they are easily accessible and understand what we want. We are enthusiastic users of the hybrid Cloud solution that Herke ICT Group has put in place for us. The performance of our network has increased now that we are in the Cloud. That works a lot more pleasant.

Fewer disruptions on the network

In combination with the right SLA, I can recommend working in the Cloud to other companies. We experience a higher availability of our software and have fewer disruptions on the network. We have an SLA where we can go 24/7 Service Desk. Essential, because we also work on weekends. Make good agreements with your IT partner, then outsourcing IT works.

Are you also considering a switch to the Cloud and do you no longer see the sun through the many ‘clouds’? Please contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you.