Pride Mobility is the worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of mobility products such as stand-up chairs, electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. Quality, innovative and intelligent properties make their products very popular.

Proactive IT partner

They searched for one partner who could take over the entire management. “Our eye first fell on Herke ICT Group because they were located near us. However, their proactive working attitude soon became apparent. They transferred contracts that ran elsewhere and figured out how everything was put together. Very nice that they took that off our hands. ”

Great and fast service

“We also find the short communication lines very pleasant. When we email an issue, they often respond within half an hour. The problem will already be solved or someone will look with us to solve the problem in the near future. The contact is very easy, you do not have to take all kinds of detours to get to the technical service. And when we call with a problem, we are hardly ever on hold. If all service employees are busy, we use the callback service. We’ll have someone on the phone in no time. ”

Stable and fast internet connection during relocation

Pride Mobility recently moved from Castricum to Enkhuizen. “Moving our own supplies and household contents was, of course, a daunting task,” says Desi. “What a relief that we have had no problems in terms of ICT. Essential for us: a stable and fast interconnection during the move at both locations. Because the internet is crucial for rebooking our stocks. That went smoothly. Our server also moved with it. That meant we were offline for three days, but we had factored that in. Then we had all our files neatly available again. We were able to return to work without delay. “

One IT partner for our complete ICT

“Herke ICT Group unburdens us. Our ICT was always a bit of a string. We always had to search: where have we closed this document, where can we find it. Now we have a clear overview. And if we can’t figure it out, we call them for support. A big advantage: one IT partner for our complete ICT. Herke ICT Group is also our point of contact when purchasing new IT solutions. Either they arrange it themselves or they propose a solution from a partner. Everything under one roof. ”

Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive: all connected

Pride Mobility also works with Office 365. At the moment they mainly use Outlook and the basic functions of Office 365 such as Word and Excel. But this is going to improve this year, according to Desi: “We don’t actually use SharePoint and OneDrive yet. We will soon be meeting with Herke ICT Group to see how we will organize this. That is going to help us a lot with our document and rights structures. Then everything is completely connected. This will result in more overview. Yes, I am actually very satisfied. ”