With three completed ERP implementations at various companies in his pocket, you can now call Willem van der Putten (controller) an old hand in the profession. His most recent implementation – that of Herke BouwVision at Mat Afbouw – went smoothly.

Tip 1: Where do you start? 

Willem: “The financial software we worked with at Mat Afbouw was outdated and not user-friendly. Moreover, no updates followed for the completion, so we decided to look for a new ERP solution. One that fits in with our industry and is also easy to use. Where apps can be connected and where we can make reports ourselves. During a speed date organized by our industry association, we made contact with various suppliers. We invited four parties for a more detailed introduction. Two providers remained for a demo focused specifically on our processes. We liked the Herke ICT Group solution the most.

“Focus on the parts where you are at risk” Marco Mooren – Mat Afbouw

Tip 2: Delineation is essential 

In October we started with the implementation of BouwVision. Because we wanted to be live on the first of January, we deliberately opted for a short and fast implementation. That has been approached very practically; first things that are essential for the continuity of your company. Then tackle the other processes. Phase 2 takes longer because the project is clearly defined at the start. This was a well-considered choice, which allowed us to start quickly. “General manager Marco Mooren adds: “Focus mainly on the parts where you are at risk”. Material is not that important to us, so we will pay attention to that later. Labor must be optimally organized from day one because that is sometimes lost. ”

Tip 3: Involve core users in the project 

Willem continues: “Colleagues have been included in why new software should be introduced. We asked core users per department to contribute their expertise in fine-tuning the design of the new solution. ” During the implementation Willem – as internal project leader – was in the lead, assisted by experts from the various departments at Mat Afbouw. A project leader from Herke ICT Group directed the consultants and regularly consulted Willem on progress.

“Reserve time for questions from users so that they can continue there work” Willem van der Putten – Mat Finishing”

Tip 4: Invest time for questions

The users are trained during the go-live. Willem: “From the moment BouwVision went live, I cleared my agenda to pick up and solve questions from colleagues. For example, we immediately achieved quick wins for the users, who had to work in a different way than they were used to.”

Tip 5: Make your own reports

Willem concludes with this tip: “At Mat Afbouw we started implementing the administration and approving purchases. Then we set up reports ourselves for the weekly consulting session with our project leaders. Based on key figures, it is checked whether progress is on schedule and what the expected result of the project is. Besides, the management team now has real-time reports on debtors/creditors, loss/profit, balance sheet, and other key figures. ”

Concrete advantages of modern software

BouwVision has been in use for a while now. What are the advantages of Mat Afbouw from working with Herke BouwVision? Willem: “For me, three major advantages stand out:


  1. Number 1 is: to make your reports. We use Jet Reports for this. A consultant from Herke ICT Group helped us on our way; now we can largely set up and develop new reports ourselves. We can print out the current figures at any time and process them in Excel.
  2. We now have a digital archive. Invoices no longer need to be printed and stored in folders.
  3. Integration of invoice scanning. This takes place entirely in BouwVision, including various approval flows. With 100 invoices to be approved per week, this works very clearly. We work with subcontractors who invoice per week and some even per day. A fast flow is very pleasant in this process. ”

“Such an implementation is a heavy investment for your company, but we stayed within the budget”

Marco Mooren – Mat Afbouw

Standard solution with custom reports

Marco Mooren: “Such an implementation is a heavy investment for your company, but the result is okay. In terms of budget, we have remained within bounds, which in itself is a great achievement. As an entrepreneur you are afraid of customization, so we opted for standard software for our industry. With Jet Reports we can now build almost all the reports we want ourselves. ” As far as Marco is concerned, the focus for the coming period will therefore be on optimizing management reports from BouwVision.

How does Mat Afbouw see the digital future?

Construction is digitizing and Mat Afbouw is one of the leaders in the finishing world. Marco Mooren: “However, we see that there is hardly any budget for digitization on utility projects. In this respect, Scandinavian countries are way ahead of us with tools for less physical strain, so that people can work longer and healthier. We supply prefab solutions as much as possible from our production hall. Standardization results in less physical strain on the project. But it is still people who realize the finishing on the spot. There are no robots for that yet. ”