“Herke ICT Group has a clear vision of the future of construction companies,” says Siem Stam (Manager ICT HRM at K_Dekker Bouw & Infra). “This image and the needs of the construction companies are central to the further development of its products, including BouwVision.”

Long-term partnership

As a specialist in Ground, Water, Road Construction and Civil and Utility Construction, K_Dekker Bouw & Infra is a trendsetter. They follow developments in construction closely. People, the environment and providing added value are essential in their choices. K_Dekker Bouw & Infra is part of Dekker Holding Krabbendam B.V.

The contracting company works with the financial software BouwVision ERP and with Skype for Business, for better mutual communication. In addition, network management has been transferred to Herke ICT Group. “Progressive use of technology in a stable IT environment is the basis for a long-term partnership for us,” says Siem Stam. “Another great advantage of Herke ICT Group is the broad product knowledge, which strengthens the cooperation between the different products. We also see a single point of contact for our entire ICT environment as a major advantage.

Capture once

We record the data once in the BouwVision ERP business software. All employees can easily view and use this data. The different project teams now process financial transactions on the projects in a uniform manner. Besides, the reporting tool Jet Reports offers us the possibility to place various information from BouwVision ERP in the reports we require.

More insight into the availability

With Skype for Business, we have more insight into the availability and accessibility of our employees. This is an important improvement in our daily process. Also, we frequently use Skype to share screens and data. Regardless of where employees are, they can still work together and have the information they need. Skype has a lot to offer us now, but also in the future. Also in combination with the construction software BouwVision.

Fast and stable network

The investment willingness of the management and the expertise of Herke ICT Group ensures that our network is fast and stable. We experience few interruptions in our daily work. If these are there, Herke ICT Group is easily accessible. Improvements are always possible. Herke ICT Group takes this seriously and, where possible, is directly involved in the improvement process. ”

We look to the future with great confidence.